Final Reflection

Creating assignment #6 was the most difficult assignment so far for me.  The difficulty in this assignment comes from several different sources. One of the reasons for the difficulty of doing this assignment was in learning how to use WordPress   Unlike products in Microsoft Office I had never used WordPress before and it took time to learn how to use the most basic functions in order to complete this assignment.  Another challenge of this assignment, for me at least, is that it can be difficult to know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are.  For me it is hard to know exactly where i am excelling and where i need improvement. This is  because I try to follow what is the correct way of writing a paper but as  I am no expert it can be difficult to see what is right and what is wrong.  Reflections for me can be harder to write than the original writing as in the original writing you have a clearly defined set of objectives.

When designing this site I kept it simple as I am still unfamiliar with WordPress.  I chose a theme that I thought was exciting and represents myself.  The rest of the site I just followed the basic outline of what we had to have and tried to make it easily navigable.  I followed the videos posted to add PDFs and to set up links for my revised content.  When I finished my site was simple but organized and contained all of the required parts.

In the end I feel that I have improved my writing and thought process.  I have also learned some new things such as the WordPress site and tricks in Word, such as text wrapping and creating brochures.  This class has been very beneficial  in helping me to improve my writing and the things I’ve learned will help me in the future.


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