Opening Reflection

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dear Mrs. McCool,

When I started English 150 I didn’t think that I would see much improvement in my writing, but after taking this class I can say that there has been some improvement.  I have improved my use of punctuation and I have tried increased the variety of the words I use in order to sound less repetitive.  This has helped me to create better sentences and clearer thoughts.

When I first start to write a piece I will get the first couple of sentences into my head before I ever start writing.  I always start in this manner and they come randomly.  Once I get my initial thoughts on a subject I write out the first couple sentences. I then  begin to see the piece form and my ideas usually generate on the fly.  While I am writing  I will revise the work as I go, this involves re-reading sentences after I write them to make sure they fit properly. Most of my revisions come from myself as the only outside assistance comes from in class peer reviews.  In regards to editing I  have become more meticulous in what I look for when revising my work.  I have become better at spotting trends and repetitive words and change them to increase the quality of what I am writing.  As my editing has improved so have my mechanics.  My biggest problem has been the proper use of punctuation.  I have seen some improvement in my punctuation use but I still think it is the weak point  in my writing.

Taking English 150 has helped me to improve my writing this semester.  The things that I have learned will continue to help me become a better writer in the future as I continue to write.  I have seen an increase in correct punctuation and improved use of vocabulary.  English 150 has been beneficial in many ways and  I am glad to have taken it.